22 Famous Brand Slogans and the Little-Known Stories Behind Them [Infographic]

In 1977, Gary Gilmore faced a firing squad — the punishment he chose after he was convicted of killing two men in Utah. His last words were: “Let’s do it.” This phrase would end up becoming the basis for arguably the most famous brand slogan of all time. Wieden+Kennedy’s co-founder Dan Wieden resurrected and transformed the[…]

6 Easy Exercises to Improve Your Sales Emails

Every time I write, my goal is to write easy-to-read sentences. I never want my audience to stumble or slow down or start a sentence over. That’s why, whenever possible, I use simple words instead of jargon, periods instead of semicolons, and active voice instead of passive voice. Most importantly, though, that’s why I strive[…]

10 Gmail Plugins That Make Agency Life Easier

How much time do you spend on email each week? According to a report from McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend 28% of their time reading or answering emails, equivalent to 13 hours per week. That’s a lot of time spent on unbillable and reactive work that could be spent creating real work that meets the goals of[…]

The Top Marketing Challenges Facing Agencies [Data]

That marketing is becoming more complex and challenging is no surprise to you. What continues to be surprising, and frustrating, and exciting — depending on the day and the project — is the rate of change. And that’s made the race for talent even more competitive. home moving Agencies not only need to keep up[…]